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Does your book look like this?

Are you struggling to find readers and get reviews?

I think I can help!

My name is Roland Hulme, and under the penname Simone Scarlet MMA, I've self-published a very successful series of romance novels that have sold over 67,000 copies, reached 320,000+ readers through Kindle Unlimited, and earned me over $275,000 in royalties.

You don't need to take my word for it, either. If you click on this link you can check them out for yourself.

My books have earned thousands of 4-star and 5-star reviews, and I have over 3,000 subscribed fans eager for each new installment!

But it didn't happen by accident!

I wrote 11 full-length novels before I published by first best-seller. As you can see from this chart, it took YEARS of work before I achieved my "overnight success."

But it wasn't a magic bullet or a secret trick that finally took me from earning hundreds of dollars per month to earning tens of thousands per month (look at $14,573.49 in royalties!)


It required figuring out the process to be successful in self-publishing - because that's what it is: A process!

It's a process I then went on to repeat again and again - and it worked so consistently that I came to believe anybody can be a successful self-published author!

You just need to write really good books (you're on your own with that one) and then follow the process of successful self-publishing - and I can show you that process!

Learning how to write good books can take a lifetime - but learning the process of successful self-publishing is straightforward, logical, and the only way to reliably build a career as a self-published author.

Let me start you on that journey! 

I'll start by showing you what you might want to change, update, or polish about your existing book - and how to do it!

I'll demonstrate with both a poorly-selling fiction book AND an unsuccessful non-fiction book - explaining why the choices I'd originally made when I published this book had hurt the book's performance.

Then, I'll show you how to run a promotional campaign to earn reviews and downloads for your updated book - and next, show you how to set up an Advertising on Amazon and Facebook advertising campaign.

I can't promise what the results will be for you, but I do know this system took that non-fiction book from never having sold a single copy to the book earning a paid sale for every 3 clicks using Advertising on Amazon.

This course WON'T turn you into an international best-selling author overnight - but it WILL teach you the process you need to follow to begin your journey towards becoming one.

Still not sure? Well, if you're not satisfied after buying this course, I offer a 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee - just tell us what you didn't like about the course before you leave.

Plus, join a community dedicated to success!

If you do join this course, you'll ALSO receive an invitation to a private Facebook group I've created called The Write Stuff, where course participants and other author friends of mine are building a community in which we can share our covers and blurbs for feedback, we can ask each other for advertising and promotional advice, and help each other out on this incredible journey we're all sharing.

The learning and value doesn't end when you've finished my course - we're all in this together!

Wait! There's even more BONUS content!

When students are ready to launch their first Facebook or Instagram ads, they often ask me where they can get the artwork from. 

I've solved that problem by adding some extras to this course to help you create adverts yourself - using FREE advertising templates I've created.

  • Quickly create book adverts in square, landscape, and story format using a tried-and-tested design which has been proven to convert better.
  • Easily add or remove elements like the Kindle Unlimited logo.
  • No Photoshop required! Drag and drop transparent images into any free, online platform to create amazing ads.
  • PLUS - Original Adobe .PSD files for those with access to Adobe Creative Cloud.

I was selling these templates for $14.95, but you'll receive them FREE when you enroll.

All this for just $99!

I created this course because I was working with so many authors who were struggling to find traction for their books, but many of them didn't have the spare money or confidence to invest $800 (or more) on a course like Mark Dawson's Ads for Authors (even though that course is GREAT!)

That's why I've kept the price of this course under a hundred bucks - because I wanted it to be accessible, without devaluing the six weeks and hundreds of hours I put into producing it.

As a result, I'm confident this course definitely provides more than $99 of value. It outlines the exact process I followed each time I launched a new book - and I've made over $275,000 through book sales as a result!

And while it might take you a while to see those same results, they will come as long as you remain dedicated to your craft.

I'm confident that anybody who takes this course and writes and self-publishes as many books as I have can meet or exceed the results I've achieved - and I truly believe that the contents of this course will help you leapfrog the YEARS of learning and testing that I had to go through before I achieved my first "overnight success."

I'm excited to be part of your journey - and I look forward to celebrating your success!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    So, you've self-published a book on Amazon. Now what?

  • 2

    How can you make your book more appealing to potential readers?

    • What will we cover in this section?

    • What does "conversions" mean?

    • What are the things about my book we need to consider changing?

    • What does a successful book actually look like?

    • How will this impact my writing career?

  • 3

    How do you overhaul your book, step-by-step?

    • A quick word about Publisher Rocket

    • Updating your book categories

    • Updating your book keywords

    • Updating your book title - and why you need to do it!

    • Do you need to change your book cover?

    • Do you need to change your blurb?

    • Do you need to polish your look inside?

    • What about getting reviews?

    • Will this all automatically make my book successful?

  • 4

    How do you promote and advertise your book?

    • What is going to be included in this section?

    • Do I need to have a subscriber sign-up link?

    • Should I make my book part of Kindle Unlimited?

    • How do I establish a "baseline"?

    • How do I set up a free promotion for my book?

    • What do I do after my free promotion ends?

    • How do I start Advertising on Amazon?

    • How do I generate keywords?

    • How to I analyze my Advertising on Amazon results?

    • How do I start Facebook advertising?

  • 5


    • What are the next steps?

  • 6

    Bonus Content

    • Creating an Advertising on Amazon campaign - a live example